<aside> 📌 The goal of this workshop: to tease out various approaches to dealing with context and side effects, so that you can pick the right approach every time!



We sell insurance! We’re a broker and we sit between the customer and the insurer. The insurer has been so kind as to provide an engine to us that we can call for rates. This allows us to sell quickly - so quickly in fact, that we can do it online.

Here’s some things to know:

It happens sometimes that a customer’s situation has changed significantly during the ongoing term. When that happens, we can do an adjustment for them. Adjustments follow the same process as new policies. And that process is:

We are going to build some parts of this system today!

The workshop

We’re going to implement some features in an empty project in our favorite environment. I will be using PHP but it will be easy to follow for all. Any OO language will be very similar, FP might differ slightly, but we’ll navigate together!

Our work will integrate with external components